Snow End in Sight

As we all eagerly anticipate the start of warmer weather, across the country many regions continue to face difficult winter storms, persistent snow packs, and flooding from ice melt. Many folks out there have had to keep their snow plows out much longer than anticipated, so the problems associated with snow driving are not over yet.

Even in areas accustomed to winter weather, many motorists fail to follow common sense guidelines to drive safely around snowplows. Operators must constantly be on the lookout for motorists who try to pass on the right, follow too closely, or fail to turn on their headlights during snow and rain.

We can’t control all the bad drivers out there, but we can make sure our operators are clearing snow as safely as possible. Review these rules of parking lot snow removal with your team:

  • Know where the customer wants the snow piled.
  • Follow all contract requirements for cleanup.
  • Keep water drains and catch basins clear.
  • Do not pile snow near entrances/exits, or where they will block motorists’ vision of oncoming traffic.
  • Shovel sidewalks first, then plow in front of buildings and overhead doors. The parking lot comes last.
  • Push piled snow away from buildings.
  • Do not pile snow near handicapped parking spaces.
  • Pile snow downwind to minimize drifting.

As you struggle with this mercurial weather, remember that summer is just around the corner and your focus can return to sweeping instead of pushing!

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