Solving Street Sweeper Problems One Sweep at a Time

Leading with our ears?

It’s true, we like to listen and learn about your street sweeping program challenges before we start telling you about us. When you speak with any of our product specialists or sales representatives, our first question is, “What do you sweep 80% of the time?” Why is this our first question? We want to understand what your sweeping application is to determine if we’re a good fit. If we are a good fit, and most of the time we do have a sweeping solution that fits, then we’ll move on to options, delivery times, and the rest. Because if we’re not a good fit for what you need the sweeper to do, there’s no need to talk price. We will refer you to a person or company we think is a good fit. We like to keep the process simple and transparent. It’s all about what you (or your municipality needs). We’re confident we have a solution for your most difficult environmental cleaning conditions.

Your feedback built us

It really is all your fault. Your feedback on our sweeping solutions lead to the refinement of all our sweepers over the years and continues to do so. As a result, we have sweepers for you in every size and technology. We manufacture pure vacuum, mechanical, and regenerative air street sweepers. We have truck mounted, mid-vac and compact sweepers.

It’s electric

The talk of the town for the last year is all-electric street sweepers for the environmentally conscious municipalities and their communities. Bucher’s first all-electric sweeper in North America was the CityCat V20e (2.6³) compact sweeper. At the 2023 PWX Show in San Diego, we debuted our all-electric mid-vac CityCat VR50e sweeper with a 7.5 yd³ hopper. We also have an established electric version of our truck mounted pure vacuum V65 sweeper we will launch soon in Canada and the US.

Truck mounted sweepers

We make three types of truck mounted sweepers: Pure vacuum, mechanical, and regenerative air. These chassis mounted workhorses provide power, capacity, and can be driven on highways.

Pure vacuum

Our industry standard, pure vacuum sweeper is the MaxPowa V65 (available in single and twin-engine versions). The V65 has an 8.5 yd³ 9-gauge stainless steel constructed hopper with a 410-gallon water tank. Our pure vacuum sweeper has “unhanded” sweeper gear components, energy-efficient fan system, direct drive with fluid coupler & step-up gear box transmission, and no belts to adjust. The V65 has a 12’ sweep path with “straight inlet” vacuum. The sweeper is PM 10/2.5 certified. We also offer, as standard, a top loading catch basin cleaner that rotates 270° for complete work coverage. Bucher uses high pressure water in the sweeping process, which gives us the advantage of first pass sweeping. The combination of sweeping brushes and high-pressure water makes quick work of the dirtiest, and toughest sweeping challenges. Pure vacuum services are best for street sweeping on flat or crowned roads.

Regenerative air

Our regenerative air sweeper, the single-engine MaxPowa R65, features an energy-efficient fan system, direct heavy duty coupled motor, no belts to adjust. The R65 has a 12’ sweep path with aggressive “unhanded” 44’ leading arm digger-type gutter brooms which provide the ability to sweep/scrub in front of 93” pick-up head. Regenerative air sweepers work best on flat surface ways but lose performance on crowned roads.


Our “Bulldozer of Street Sweepers”, the MaxPowa E35m single-engine mechanical sweeper won the Contractor’s Choice Silver award. The E35’s variable dump height 4.5 yd³ hopper reaches up to 12’6”, so it can dump into on ground dumpsters or dump truck beds. Municipalities and contractors use mechanical sweepers for concrete millings, chunks of asphalt, broken pavement, mud, and a variety of construction and paving debris.

Peace of mind factory warranty

Our truck mounted sweepers come with our best in industry: 2yr/2000hr “No Hassle, All-Inclusive” full machine warranty.

LIFETIME WARRANTY debris hopper & water tank.


Our CityCat V20 and V20e utilize efficient pure-vacuum technology and are available in diesel and all-electric.


  • High maneuverability and articulated steering
  • 2.6 yd³ usable volume debris hopper
  • 9’ sweeping width
  • 112-gallon water volume
  • 2-year full machine warranty

Best of all, no CDL required.


Our CityCat 5006 and VR50e also utilize efficient pure-vacuum technology and are available in diesel and all-electric.


  • Hydrostatic 4-wheel steering
  • 9’6” turning radius
  • 7.3 yd³ usable volume debris hopper
  • 235-gallon water tank
  • 11’5” sweeping width
  • Variable dump height up to 61” with tipping angle of 51”
  • 2-year full machine warranty

Like our compact, no CDL required.

So, which sweeper if right for you?

Still have questions on which sweeper or sweepers are best for your street sweeper program? We offer an industry report (educational, not a sales document) to help you make the best-informed choice when purchasing a sweeper. The 5 Things You MUST Know BEFORE Buying a Street Sweeper. The report is available for free on our website:

About Bucher Municipal North America, Inc.

Cities and contractors turn to Bucher Municipal when they feel frustrated and stuck being pigeonholed into cleaning their streets with no other options while failing to meet stormwater compliance. We free cities from this trap of one size fits all by supplying and supporting a full product line to fit every sweeping challenge better than any other manufacturer on Earth.

Bucher gets you unstock with first pass sweeping = Endless Sweeping Solutions.

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By Matt Starnes – Product Marketing Manager, Bucher Municipal North America, Inc.

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