Software Solutions for Efficient Project Management for Street Sweeping and Paving Contractors

In recent years, we have witnessed an increasing incorporation of project management software in the management of street sweeping and paving projects. Some of the benefits provided by these project management software solutions include the streamlining of scheduling, communication and data management, as well as improved collaboration and productivity.

In this article, we will be highlighting five project management software programs that are highly beneficial to street sweepers and pavers, as well as their benefits.


This comprehensive software solution helps to connect the contractor with not only the client but also everyone who is involved in the project. This ensures that every stakeholder is carried along and that there’s no information lag regarding the project.

Procore has sophisticated scheduling and progress report features. As a result, everyone involved in the project is kept up to speed and is aware of the role that they ought to play. These features, coupled with its centralized dashboard, enable Procore to promote collaboration and the timely execution of projects. This has led to its widespread adoption by several street sweeping and paving project managers.


Buildertrend is a project management software that is favored by construction professionals, including street sweeping and paving contractors. It is a cloud-based software solution and, as such, gives its patron contractors several benefits in data management as well as cyber security.

Buildertrend offers features such as project scheduling, communication and budgeting tools. As a paving contractor, especially one who may be juggling multiple projects simultaneously, the project scheduling tool comes in handy. It can help you effectively manage your time and manpower in the same way that the budgeting tool can assist you in managing your resources. Through its communication tool, you can manage your team without stress and accomplish your goals with ease.


PlanGrid is another project management software that is geared towards making the management of street sweeping and paving businesses easier. PlanGrid, a part of the Autodesk Build cloud, offers several benefits to its users. One of such benefits is its availability as both a mobile and desktop application. As a result, the use of this platform offers you flexibility, as your team can seamlessly switch between the desktop app and the mobile app and even use both simultaneously.

With PlanGrid, it doesn’t matter where your team members are; this project management software is able to connect you to them in real time and allows for swift and safe transfer of data. This greatly aids productivity and team fulfillment.


Basecamp is a project management tool that is particularly useful for street sweeping and paving contractors who have multiple projects and work in several locations. One of Basecamp’s strongest qualities is its ability to compartmentalize. This project management software is able to clearly delineate each project, ensuring that they are easily distinguishable and not mixed up with each other. Even when the project is demarcated, Basecamp further breaks it down into its deliverables, milestones and specific tasks. This allows the members of the team to work on separate projects at the same time without interfering with each other’s work. It also allows for transparency and accountability by making each team member aware of and evaluating the progress that has been made. This ensures the swift and seamless execution of projects.


Last on our list is PROcru. PROcru is a project management solution that makes execution as simple as possible. On its dashboard is a workflow that breaks down what needs to be done from the start to the end of the project. This eliminates complexity in project operations and improves productivity.

In addition to this efficient feature, PROcru also offers its users tools that are useful in making proposals, estimations, analytics and reporting. All these help in the performance evaluation, implementation and modification of projects and related activities.

It is important to note that, as amazing as project management software is, it cannot guarantee the successful execution of a project. This rests on the skill of your team, its dynamics and the quality of its manager.

In addition, project management software solutions are unique and best suited for certain situations or conditions. So, when selecting project management software, you must consider its suitability for your team and business conditions. Only then can you experience the effective utilization of project management software in your street sweeping and paving business.

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