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Industry-leading road sweeper manufacturers Mathieu, RAVO and Scarab form the pure vacuum sweeper division of Fayat Environmental Solutions Americas and together, offer a complete range of products and services in the sweeping market. With over 200 years of combined experience, all three manufacturers are on a mission to evolve the North American sweeper market by delivering their trusted, high-quality pure vacuum compact and truck-mounted road sweepers to the United States.

Pure vacuum road sweeping technology is by far the most popular solution for municipal and contractor operators around the world, most notably in Europe, Oceania and Asia and is the cornerstone of success for all three brands. Pure vacuum vehicles have proven to be the most reliable sweepers, offering extreme broom coverage, unrivalled suction performance and unmatched compaction rates. Even on the most uneven of surfaces, pure vacuum sweepers will deliver exceptional results due to their unique ride and drive profiles. Vacuum sweeping is superior at removing the finest particles from the surface, many of which are soluble, and keeping them from permanently contaminating the waterways.

Quality, High-Performance Truck-Mounted Sweepers

Scarab, one of the industry’s leading truck-mounted sweeper manufacturers is known for its reliability, suction performance and low maintenance costs. Scarab Sweepers have been exporting skid units to customers across the world for over 25 years – with the US being one of the latest markets to reap the rewards of this innovative build system. By assembling the sweeper locally on their preferred local chassis, customers are able to experience the very latest in road sweeping technology. Now, in 2023, the FESA team is delighted to offer customers the opportunity to add both single and twin-engine options to their fleets.

The all-new Magnum U72 truck-mounted sweeper is the result of years of expert engineering and development, offering Scarab’s renowned single-engine system to customers in the form of a skid unit. Designed to be assembled in the US, this product utilizes a chassis Power Take-Off (PTO) provision to power sweeping functions from the chassis engine. The result? Up to a 40% reduction in fuel savings compared to a twin-engine alternative.

The Magnum U72 boasts a 10 cubic yard hopper giving a potential payload capacity of up to 20,000lbs and water capacity ranging from 475 – 660 gallons, making this machine the optimum road sweeper for any operator looking for extreme on-task endurance.

While in the twin-engine category, the Scarab Maven 65 is a heavy-duty sweeper capable of being mounted onto a large range of local truck chassis. Its twin-engine configuration makes operation quick and seamless, geared towards operators who prefer a more traditional operation style. By incorporating all the benefits associated with Scarab equipment, the renowned quality and carefully selected range of options ensure the Maven 65 delivers outstanding performance in applications such as municipal, building works, road resurfacing and more.

By combining these high-performance products, with the local knowledge of our dedicated North American-based sales and service team as well as its trusted dealer network, Scarab can offer complete solutions to each and every customer. Since the launch of Fayat Environmental Solutions America (FESA), over 25 machines have already been assembled in North America, meeting the demands of light, medium and heavy-duty applications across the country.

Solutions to Meet the Demands of the City

As well as truck-mounted options, FESA also provide a best-in-class compact sweeper line ranging from 1 to 6.5 cubic yards of debris capacity. The all-electric 5 eSeries is fast becoming the preferred choice for electric sweeping for municipalities across the US thanks to its well-established electric platform and unrivalled compaction rate. With more than 150 units in operation across Europe (Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, etc.) the track record of the unit is unmatched. Customers continue to discover that range anxiety is a thing of the past with the 5 eSeries, delivering full shift autonomy on a single charge. Demonstrations for this vehicle continue to be available through FESA and our comprehensive, trusted dealer network based throughout the country.

With more and more cities adding bicycle lanes to their infrastructure network FESA is proud to offer the MC210 compact sweeper. The MC210 compact sweeper continues to evolve, with new product improvements launched to the market in 2023 – designed to take the platform to the next level of performance, comfort and control. These improvements include a new suction head, integrated telematics, a revamped hydraulic system with stainless steel tubes for more reliability. These improvements only elevate this already impressive and proven machine, making it the perfect vehicle for cleaning bicycle lanes, college and high school grounds, stadiums and more. These improvements only elevate this already impressive and proven machine, making it the perfect vehicle for tackling those hard-to-reach areas in urban and suburban environments.

A Local Partner

Fayat Environmental Solutions Americas, based in Charlotte NC, is composed of four industry-leading street sweeper brands – Dulevo, Mathieu, RAVO and Scarab – giving it the largest range of street sweepers in the industry. From its newly opened facilities, FESA is offering service and training to its dealers and end customers as well as a local parts depot for the US market. The innovative nature and excellence of the product range from all manufacturers supports FESA’s sustainable product policy as it promotes healthier living conditions and better overall well-being for the communities in which their vehicles operate. Fayat Environmental Solutions—Caring for a Clean Future

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